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Karen Ann Ferrao

Alan's talent & passion for photography is truly admirable! It’s so evident that he genuinely cares about his work. He has a gift for seeing things differently and for taking the most incredible pictures! He made me feel so comfortable in front of the camera. He is extremely talented, very professional and so down to earth! He made taking pictures so much fun and I had an absolutely blast working with him!
He is so easy to work with, even when you might feel awkward, not know how to stand or what exactly you should do with your hands. He has a wonderful way of putting people at ease. I highly recommend Allan!

Shirlyn D’costa

Allan is an amazing person and also his photography skills are amazing. He is a professional photographer. His work is just amazing. He makes a simple picture look so classy and beautiful. When I had my 1st shoot with him I did not know what to pose like so just gave simple poses but his photography skills made those simple pics look so good.

Rousseau Fernandes

Allan is passionate about his work! And with all that passion he doesn't forget being professional. He's a dead serious one. I know this 'cause I know him personally as well as professionally now.

While we were hanging out one day conversation led us to decide to have a small photo shoot. It was my first time posing for pictures and adding to that I wasn't even wearing anything great. I was extremely conscious and awkward at first. But as soon as Alan started clicking he gave me a sence of confidence and freedom. He got completely into it (and didn't even laugh at my jokes or weird poses). At that point I realized this wasn't a random shoot. We were being serious here.

Alan is always open to ideas and being creative, and that to me is one of the most important things of photography, as it is an art in itself. He pays a lot of attention to quality, composition and post processing. And has a lot of knowledge about the study of light.

Being in the music scene I've had a lot of people take pictures of me. But the best have been clicked by @Alancardoz.kaptures and one of the best picture being from the first impromptu shoot we had!

That being said I highly recommend Alan! He is serious about his work and will not disappoint!

Michelle Robert

When you work with someone you need a certain level of comfort.
A certain level of understanding that “don’t worry, I’ll handle it”.
Alan has that and more.
He is your go to person for photographs and videography.
I highly recommend him.

Alexio Rebeiro

I've known Alan since my childhood.. My best friend 🙂... And so it was but obvious that when I was looking for a photographer for my daughters baptism, I blindly asked Alan to do the coverage as I had no doubt that he would deliver but to my surprise it was more than what I expected . As you can see from the pictures that he takes, there is a soul in every click.. My family and I were blown away seeing how beautifully and artistically he covered the ceremony as well as the after party. I wish Alan all the very best for his future.

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